1. I am a Nigerian, married to a Nigerian or related to a Nigerian.

2. I love Nigeria and want peace and progress of our Nation.

3. I believe that a New Nigeria will emerge and that there is HOPE for our country.

4. I am prepared to collaborate with others in building our Nation, utilizing my professional competencies and knowledge to contribute to her progress.

5. I will support activities and programs that will uplift Nigeria.

6. I will always uphold the integrity and unity of our Nation, not engaging in religious, tribal or ethnic conflicts.

7. I will not engage in any destructive act that will further damage the image of Nigeria.

8. I will vote honest Nigerians, encourage others to do likewise and I will serve honestly in whatever capacity I am elected to serve.

9. I am prepared to be a Nation Builder.

10. I will always love fellow Nigerians and people from other nations of world.

“Together, we shall rebuild our Nation”, So help me God.


The Nigerian Diaspora Foundation (NDF) is a global coalition of Nigerians from all walks of life with a dogged resolution to collaboratively salvage, rebuild and reposition Nigeria among the leading nations of the world.


Phone : +1-773-715-3644

Email: info@ndf.ng

Address : 1900 N Austin Avenue, Suite 210, Chicago, IL 60639


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