Every Nigerian deserves a better country which is free of religious, ethnical and tribal manipulation. A country where hard-work is rewarded, with functioning hospitals, a good road network, quality education, and other social services. Nigerians deserve a corruption-free society where rule of law, good governance and accountability are the hallmark of leadership.

It is the vision of Nigerian Diaspora Foundation to collaboratively build a new Nigeria where good governance and rule of law in a corruption-free society lay a solid foundation for a sustainable development. NDF is aware of the enormous task ahead, hence the need to pull together the wealth of the nation’s skill and knowledge globally to attain our developmental goal. We shall commence the process by focusing our efforts on projects that will enhance the quality of life of Nigerians. One such project among others is in the education sector, which is globally considered to be the bedrock of national development, poverty liberation, and political and economic empowerment. NDF shall work with people of like-minds, notable economic and political empowerment groups, and regional and international organizations to fulfill the aspirations of every Nigerian.

There are five (5) key projects that NDF will focus on:


The Nigerian Diaspora Foundation (NDF) is a global coalition of Nigerians from all walks of life with a dogged resolution to collaboratively salvage, rebuild and reposition Nigeria among the leading nations of the world.


Phone : +1-773-715-3644


Address : 1900 N Austin Avenue, Suite 210, Chicago, IL 60639


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