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Group Name: IT for National Development (IND)

Objective: IT for National Development

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Information technology is crucial part of the present world, and Nigeria, like most developing countries, is lacking. Between 1948 till date, information technology has recorded milestones in its usage in Nigeria. A solid resource and research base is vital to national development.

Nigeria needs to take a strategic position amid the emerging digital revolution as it is vital for its development. Telecommunication in Nigeria is doing well, but the information base requires much funding and skilled personnel. Information Technology finds application in virtually every area of the economy, health care, transport, agriculture, manufacturing, and so forth. Some tech startups are already carving out a space for themselves in the sector, ready to deliver the much-needed information technology products and services.

Sound information technology will impact the nation’s economy in all areas - economy, education, health care and so forth.

ITND specialist group will coordinate and regulate information using modern technology to achieve national development.


To increase the adoption of information technology for national development.


1. To improve the availability of quality information and information security.

2. To serve as an advisory committee towards provising job and employment opportunities, especially in software development, computer engineering, web design and web development.

3. To review and assess the current state of information technology and encourage adoption of e-commerce at conferences and seminars.

4. To increase transparency and accountability in governance through e-governance and solid public relations.

5. To improve business management and growth by adopting IT tools like automation.

6. To organize conferences and seminars aimed at improving information technology.


All registered members are open to joining this specialist group, especially those skilled and knowledgeable in information technology and digital use.

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