Tourism Development Initiative (TDI)

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Group Name: Tourism Development Initiative (TDI)

Objective: Tourism Development Initiative

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This group is for anyone interested in supporting and enhancing the Nigerian tourist industry. Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups with diverse culture and socio-cultural differences, which attracted international recognition making Nigeria a good center for tourism. Nigeria has excellent cultural history and natural attractions with ethnic events which have tourist potentials throughout the year. Tourism can be a significant source of revenue generation as most travelers are attracted to the unique and exotic culture and new environments. Different festivals from various regions in the country are ripe tourism interests. Some of these festivals include Argungu Fishing festival, New yam festival, Atilogwu dancers, the boat Regatta, the Olofin festival, the Olojo, and so forth.

The tourism market is ripe for foreign investors and individuals who want to benefit from the profitable industry. Some hindrances to tourism in Nigeria include poor infrastructures like good roads, constant electricity, security challenges, bad international reputation, poor management of existing tourist facilities, and inadequate funding.

Members of TDI are tasked with roles and responsibilities of developing and building the tourism potentials in Nigeria and preserving the cultural heritage at the same time through collaboration, conferences, and seminars.


To proffer workable methods of maximizing the revenue generation potentials of tourism and sustaining customs and traditions.


1. To work with the appropriate organization to create job and employment opportunities through tourism (hospitality services such as hotels and resorts, transportation services, food services like restaurants, entertainment services like amusement parks, theaters) by working with existing service providers.

2. To alleviate poverty by generating income via tourism through collaboration with the ministry of culture and tourism.

3. To preserve our cultural heritage by encouraging community involvement and participation in traditions and art appreciation.

4. To preserve the ecosystem and biodiversity by partnership and educating the young people on the beauty of customs and traditions.

5. To develop strategies that will attract foreign investment and investors.

6. To promote local communities where the tourist sites exist through activities, learning of the local language, and participation in their festivals.

7. To organize conferences and seminars aimed at improving tourism in Nigeria.


All registered NDF members are eligible for this specialist group, particularly those in the tourism industry.

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