Education for All Nigeria (EAN)

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Group Name: Education for All Nigeria (EAN)

Objective: Education for All Nigeria

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This Specialist Group comprises of people in the education system to support and improve the Nigerian educational system. They are committed to creating actionable solutions to resolve the academic challenges in the country.

Education is the bedrock of national development. A skilled workforce enhances national development. Education in Nigeria is faced with many challenges. One of them is the inequitable distribution of quality education and inadequate funding, as it gets the lowest allocation in the yearly budget.

Most educational infrastructures are in absolute disrepair and lack proper maintenance. It has become a question of the rich having access to quality education and the poor learning in a less conducive environment, and few disgruntled teachers whose salaries come far and in between.


To collaborate with education bodies and organizations to ensure quality and accessible education for all irrespective of status.


1. To accelerate the equitable distribution of education funding and materials, especially in the rural areas, through partnerships with agencies and organizations.

2. To proffer solutions to ensure that teachers are paid enough and at the right time.

3. To collaborate with appropriate systems to ensure that the curriculum is revised and updated to meet modern-day demands.

4. To work with the appropriate agency to ensure that qualified teachers are placed at all levels of education.

5. To proffer solutions to curb exam malpractices and set up regulatory bodies that will collaborate and monitor the unlawful collection of student money.

6. To serve as an advisory board towards providing up-to-date and quality teaching aids and materials.

7. To organize conferences and seminars aimed at improving education in Nigeria.


All registered members of NDF and professional educators, in particular, are encourage to join this specialist group.

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