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Group Name: Alliance For National Security (ANS)

Objective: Alliance For National Security

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This NDF specialist group is focused on national security. Nigeria is faced with major security challenge within and outside the country. The average Nigerian cannot rely only on the security system of the country to protect him or her.  The country can be secured when the leadership can anticipate, prepare, and respond promptly to internal and external threats using available resources to protect and preserve lives and properties. The security instabilities in the country affects the growth of the economy deeply as foreign investors are discouraged from investing in the country’s economy and resources. Some of the major causes of national insecurity are the high rate of poverty, corruption and joblessness prevalent in the society. There is a great disparity between the rich elite and abjectly poor, where the rich dominates in minority and the majority of the population lives beneath average. Poverty and joblessness has brought about high level of lawlessness. Kidnapping has become the business and order of the day as people abduct their fellow citizens in the bid to make money.


To advocate for national security of lives and properties.


1. To identify sources and causes of national insecurity and address probable


2. To engage in consensus that will address the insecurity problems of the country.

3. To prioritize the major security challenges like kidnapping, corruption, arms dealing and so forth and set up advocacy for them.

4. To ensure equitable distribution of leadership positions by drafting probable ways to achieve this objective.

5. To ensure the implementation of the laws in the 1999 Nigerian constitution by working with bodies in charge of law making and implementation.

6. To ensure the judicious use of natural resources.

7. To encourage unity among diverse ethnic groups.

8. To organize conferences and seminars targeted at improving security within the country.


National security is the concern of every citizen of the country, therefore this specialist group is open to all registered members of NDF.

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