Initiative for Good Governance (IGG)

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Group Name: Initiative for Good Governance (IGG)

Objective: Initiative for Good Governance

Group Project:

Chairman: Dr. Charle Ogbu Vice Chairman: Dr. Toriola Ibrahim Secretary: Dr. (Mrs.) Rashidat Mantu

This specialist group focuses on collaborating with the government and serving as an advisory platform towards implementing good governance and the rule of law for Nigeria. Good governance is fundamental to social, economic, and political development because it enhances orderliness, security of lives and properties, and social welfare. The hindrances to good governance in Nigeria find their roots in tribal, ethnic, and religious segregation. We need to build the masses' confidence in the ability of the government to protect them. Therefore, there is a call for examplary leadership in Nigeria. Leadership and good governance should be paramount for every other sector to function optimally.


To facilitate the implementation of equitable, effective, transparent, and accountable leadership to achieve good governance.


1. To promote the rule of law.

2. To facilitate equitable allocation of resources.

3. To collaborate with the appropriate agencies to ensure a free and fair electioneering process.

4. To encourage absolute and constructive participation in governance from men and women.

5. To boost the transparent flow of information.

6. To mediate broad consensus orientation on the best course of action for most of the population.

7. To raise leaders with strategic vision, especially in human development.

8. To foster positive change for the good of the whole.

9. To advocate the transparent and credible election of leaders.

10. Organize conferences and seminars to improve leadership and adopt good governance.


Membership is open to all NDF registered members interested in improving and implementing good governance and credible leadership.

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