Technology Transfer Consortium (TTC)

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Group Name: Technology Transfer Consortium (TTC)

Objective: Great Tech Transfer

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Technology Transfer Consortium is a group of NDF specialists charged with mediating  the needful change in technology.

There is a greater need to adopt new technologies and apply their solutions to problems in the face of emerging technologies and information. So far, Nigeria seems to be scaling with telecommunication even if general adoption of technology is slow. Underinvestment in technology has affected its adoption of emerging technologies, especially in industries. Nigeria still relies on imported raw materials for manufacturing, affecting the end products prices.

With little or no inspiration from the government to leverage emerging technologies to solve the rising challenges, the country faces on most counts. Implementing industrial technology strategies with combined effort from the private and public sectors is paramount to overcoming the deficit in technology adoption. The agricultural sector will benefit if Nigeria adopts advanced technology, which will improve the economy. Lack of adequate mechanization is a limitation to enhancing the agricultural sector.


To strategize and create solutions toward implementing and adopting technology to answer a more transparent, accurate, and equitable economy.


  1. To promote and advice on the use and the adoption of new technologies in every area
  2. To encourage ground breaking researches in technologies, engineering, and related discipline
  3. To liaise with relevant government agencies, organizations and partners towards training individuals on the emerging technologies and how to solve emerging and predominant problems with the technology.
  4. To encourage the adoption technologies that will improve the agricultural sector, thereby improving the Nation’s economy.
  5. To identify and partner with organizations and serve as an advisory committee towards implemeting proven technology in business and government for accuracy and transparency.
  6. To collaborate with appropriate organizations and bodies to educate young people on the potentials of emerging technology.
  7. To research and provide workable ways to replace the faulty systems with more reliable technology.
  8. To collaborate with the appropriate systems towards exposing corruption with adequate technological systems.
  9. Organize conferences and seminars to address technology transfer challenges and proffer probable solutions.


Technology Transfer consortium is open to all NDF registered members interested in disrupting the existing systems with a more reliable method based on technology. These specialists cut across all disciplines and are not limited to engineering; IT includes programmers, developers, technicians, information technology specialists, and so forth.

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