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Group Name: Feed Our Nation Initiative (FNI)

Objective: Sufficiency in food and agro related products

Group Project: Feed Our Nation

Chairman: Chief (Dr.) Peter Makanjuola Vice Chairman: Dr. Railwan Suleiman Secretary: Engr. Godwin Onoja

Agriculture can be a major sustenance and source of revenue to the Nigerian economy. Over the years, oil revenue has been the source of revenue for the country, however agriculture is a better alternative to improve the nutritional status of the population especially infants and pregnant mothers. This specialist group will address the under nutrition, over nutrition and micro nutrient deficiency related challenges as

adequate nutrition is important for the nation’s development. Malnutrition reduces the efficacy of the working population by causing ill-health and death thereby slowing down development. Malnutrition affects children, pregnant women and lactating mothers the most and contributes to the increase in maternal and child mortality every year.

Food security in Nigeria is limited because of the low focus on large scale agriculture. Majority of farmers in Nigeria depend of seasons to plant and harvest and these affects the quantity of food produced and available to the community especially at the family level not to talk of at the community level. Food security is also faced with poor machines or no mechanization, inadequate storage facilities and poor transportation to and from the point of generation.

The FNI specialist group will comprise of professionals in the field of agriculture and related disciplines who will plan and strategically come up with workable solutions that will improve nutrition in the nation.


To ensure that affordable and quality food and nutrition is available to all irrespective of social class and financial status, through sustainable agricultural strategies and solutions.


1. To provide advisory support towards the implementation of policies that will reduce poverty-related malnutrition.

2. To create solutions that will increase food security for the less privileged of the society, children, pregnant and lactating mothers.

3. To encourage adoption of large-scale agriculture to improve the quantity and quality of food available to the population.

5. To provide implementable solutions towards the provision of adequate mechanization to improve production of food.

6. To promote the adoption of agriculture as the alternative to oil in the sustaining the economy and providing food security.

7. To organize conferences and seminars aimed to gain better insight on agriculture and its impact on the Nation.


This membership is open to registered members of NDF who are interested in impacting the agricultural sector. Members can include public health official, food scientist, dietitian, nutrition educator, soil scientist and so forth.

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