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Group Name: Health for All Nigerian (HAN)

Objective: Attainment of quality health for Nigerians

Group Project:

Chairman: Prof. S. Iyanda Vice Chairman: Dr. Isman Lawal Secretary: Dr. Francisca Imosu

Health is wealth! Health for All Nigerians is a specialist group of NDF members with the core responsibilities of advocating for adequate health facilities and programs to meet the health needs of Nigerians. The productivity of any nation is directly related to how healthy the citizens are. Nigeria is highly blessed with top notch specialists in health-related discipline, demonstrating professional acumen globally. In spite of this, her citizens are languishing in desperate need for medical attention due to lack of good functioning medical facilities and unmotivated work force. The HAN is charged with the responsibility of working out framework for short- and long-term attainment of medical sufficiency for Nigerians. Annually, billions of dollars are spent by Nigerians on foreign trips and medical expenses overseas, the HAN specialist group of the NDF will work out how the global health skill set of Nigerians can be harnessed and deployed to bring about radical improvement in our health sector.

Doctors, Pharmacist, Nurses and other health professional can come together at the State, National and Global levels to collaboratively design and implement the goals and objectives in order to improve the general wellbeing of the people.


To aid Nigerians in the attainment of quality and affordable health care services through positive influence on government and relevant agencies.


1. To provide a conducive environment for health workers and increase the ratio of health workers to patients through collaboration with the right board and agency.

2. To collaborate with appropriate organizations and agencies to ensure that quality and equitable health care is accessible to all especially at the level primary health care.

3. To advise and provide workable framework that will ensure affordable health care for everyone especially those in the remote areas.

4. To assist in the efficient delivery of health care services.

5. To embark on health-related projects that will significantly improve health service delivery in Nigerian and to Nigerians.

6. To work with global health organizations and government agencies in bringing long term solution to the Nigerian health problems.

7. To organize conferences and seminars aimed at improving the overall health of citizens of Nigeria with emphasis on health education.


Membership is open to all registered members of NDF interested in making impact in the health sector. These include and not limited to Doctors, Pharmacist, Nurses and all health-related professionals within and outside Nigeria.

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