Economic & Financial Experts (EFE)

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Group Name: Economic & Financial Experts (EFE)

Objective: To advise and promote a practical approach for Nigeria's economic growth and financial stability. This specialist group shall identify challenges and issues facing our economy, proposing solutions to solving prevailing such challenges. The group comprises world-class economic and financial experts of Nigeria origin.

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All the countries worldwide have specific targets for becoming an ideal and economically stable nation. Therefore, countries like Nigeria strive hard to achieve such targets or goals. Hence, governments tend to keep specific goals and targets to achieve growth within a given time frame, generally one year. A specialist group should advice on various issues such as general increase in real output, employment, price stability, economic equity, the balance of payment, financial security and freedom.


  1. Advice and promote ways to increase Nigerian economic output in all ramifications

  2. Advise on employment generation and sustainability

  3. Promote and advise on price stability and inflation control

  4. Advise on the best way to achieve a balance of payment

  5. Promote and report on the attainment of economic security, equity, and freedom


Membership is open to all NDF registered specialists in economic, financial, and related disciplines.

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