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Group Name: Shelter For All Nigerian (SAN)

Objective: Shelter For All Nigerian

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Housing and Shelter are part of the basic needs of man. Nigeria is faced with housing constraints and challenges in both the rural and the urban regions. Rural areas are faced with few houses with poor quality while the urban areas have lots of quality houses but they are either costly for the average individual or too sparse to accommodate the rapid population growth in the cities and towns. The expensive but quality building are out of reach for those in desperate need of shelter (those in the vulnerable groups). Social features that increase the value of a house include electricity supply, water supply and accessibility. Cost of building materials also places value on the quality of houses and these factors makes good housing almost in accessible to the low and medium income earners and also the vulnerable groups. Nigeria has housing policies that should ensure availability and affordability of good housing to her citizens but unfortunately implementation of the 1991 policy is a challenge as its faced with so many roadblocks.

This specialist group of NDF is focused on shelter and housing matters and the focal purpose is to make/influence the creation of implementable housing policies that will provide affordable housing for Nigerians.


Implementation of Nigeria Housing policy, increase access to land and building materials, ensure maintenance of available houses and provision of affordable housing for low income earners.


1. To determine the challenges faced by the Nigerian housing policy and proffer workable solutions to meet the demands of the housing challenges.

2. To collaborate with ministry of lands and housing including rural and town planning to ensure implementable solutions to the housing problems in Nigeria.

3. To ensure that Nigerians have access to affordable, good and quality shelter not just in quantity.

4. To organize conferences and seminars aimed at improving housing and providing

quality shelter.


Members of NDF are open to be a part of Shelter For All. Members can be and not limited to an architect, land surveyor, structural engineer, quantity surveyor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, estate agent.

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