Powerup Nigerian Initiative (PNI)

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Group Name: Powerup Nigerian Initiative (PNI)


To collaboratively embark on programs, initiatives and promote policies aim at ensuring attainment of adequate power supply to all Nigerians with the shortest possible time frame.

Group Project: Powerup Nigerian Initiative (PNI)

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This Specialist Group is responsible for determining urgent solutions to Nigeria's acute power shortage problem. Energy and good power supply have been major hindrances to our national development in years past. No nation can develop and actualize its potentials without an adequate electricity supply. Businesses, big or small, cannot perform optimally in any economy without a suitable electricity supply. The PNI, comprising professionals in engineering, power generation, distribution, and related fields, will focus on bringing up practical ideas and solutions both in the short and long term to address this problem in conjunction with relevant bodies and government agencies charged with this obligation. This group is open to all Nigerians with relevant experience and capabilities to help in solving this problem.

To collaboratively embark on programs, initiatives, and promote policies aim to ensure adequate power supply to all Nigerians with the shortest possible time frame.


  1. To work with the government and relevant agencies in bringing power solutions to all of Nigeria.
  2. To identify the area of weakness and proffer relevant solutions.
  3. To embark on projects that will bring about an urgent revolution in the Nigerian power sector.
  4. To contribute positively and meaningfully to the goal of attaining energy sufficiency
  5. To work with global power generating and distribution companies and government agencies in bringing long-term solutions to the Nigerian power problems.
  6. To organize conferences and seminars to improve power generation and distribution in Nigeria


This specialist group is open to all registered and active members of the Nigerian Diaspora Foundation (NDF), whose professional focus is on power engineering, power generation, distribution, and related disciplines. You can join this Specialist Group at your local, state, or national chapter of the NDF or start the group if not already in existence within your locality.

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